TMJ Treatments

TMD usually requires a multifaceted approach to treatment. Current treatment approaches are directed toward managing pain and dysfunction through a multidisciplinary plan that may include one or more of the following:

Comprehensive Examination
• Thorough Review of Medical History and Symptoms
• Range of Motion Evaluation
• Joint Vibration Analysis-computerized analysis of sounds made by the TMJ (joint).
• Sleep Screening Evaluation
• Cranial Nerve Evaluation
• Trigger Point and Muscle Palpation
• Intraoral Examination

• CT
• X-rays

Orthopedic Appliance Therapy
An oral appliance provides increased joint stability and aids in pain reduction, healing, joint adaptability and overall joint health. They are individually fabricated depending on your specific diagnosis.

Supportive Therapies
• Medications
• Muscle Relaxant Therapy
• Vapocoolant Spray and Stretch
• Ultrasound
• Passive Stretching
• Exercise
• Trigger Joint Injections
• Temporal Tendon Injections

• Physical Therapy
• Counseling
• Joint Lavage
• Surgery