Dr. Douglas Pick

IOWA SLEEP & TMJ DENTIST IN DES MOINES, Dr. Douglas Pick“I view my profession as an opportunity to help people who haven’t found a solution, whether it be sleep or head-related pain.  Unfortunately, these problems and their solutions are not formally addressed in most dental schools.”

Dr. Douglas Pick opened Iowa Sleep & TMJ in 1996 because he believes that all people should have the opportunity to live a happy and healthy life, free of TMJ and sleep apnea. Since the inception of his practice, it’s been his view that his patients are heroes for choosing to continue on their journey toward health after, often, so many failed attempts to treat these debilitating disorders. He has achieved over 900 hours of continuing education, focusing solely on temporomandibular joint and sleep disharmony. He has achieved diplomat status with the Academy of Clinical Sleep Disorders Disciplines, the American Academy of Craniofacial Pain, and the American Board of Craniofacial Dental Sleep Medicine. Being the only doctor in Iowa to have achieved these awards makes Dr. Pick your best option for TMJ and sleep treatment.

“If you are tired of being tired, wanting that head pain to go away, I believe my non-surgical efforts for these problems may be the solution you desire. “

Dr. Pick’s number one goal is to offer patients a way out of their pain through non-surgical efforts and the best possible quality of care. He is focused on the whole health of each of his patients and regards the body as an interconnected system. He knows that a neuromuscular or sleep issue can affect other parts of the body. Dr. Pick isn’t just your solution for TMJ and sleep dentistry; he’s your solution for whole-body health. While some doctors focus on curing symptoms with simple ‘fixes,’ Dr. Pick finds the root cause of your problem and treats it for life. When necessary, his willingness to refer patients to other carefully chosen medical professionals proves that Dr. Douglas Pick’s sole focus is your health and wellness.

“With the aid of hundreds of sleep and orofacial (TMJ) continuing education hours, my diagnostic and treatment protocols have been very effective. Focusing on the cause of the problem, rather than treating the symptoms is paramount for success.”

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