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What to Expect at Your First Appointment

Your first appointment with Dr. Douglas Pick is a comprehensive examination and consultation. We’ll go over your health history and discuss your TMJ or sleep apnea. We take pride in educating our patients on their condition, so you’ll learn information that you may not have heard before. This appointment will last about an hour and a half so you can truly get to know Dr. Pick and his team and so we can get a complete picture of your health. We’ll establish a treatment plan that may or may not encompass referrals to other medical professionals. Iowa Sleep & TMJ is your final stop in your journey to wellness. Let us be your guide to better sleep and a life free of pain.



Dr. Douglas Pick

Dr. Douglas Pick is Des Moines’ number one sleep and TMJ dentist. He focuses on your whole health and wellness because he knows that poor sleep due to sleep apnea and painful TMJ symptoms disrupt the harmony in your body—they affect more than just your jaw or slumber. Dr. Pick’s commitment to you has led him to achieve over 900 hours of continuing education, focusing solely on the temporomandibular joint and sleep disharmony. For more than 25 years, Dr. Pick has liberated people from a life of sleep apnea and TMJ disorder by discovering the root cause of the problem and treating it rather than simply treating the symptoms. Iowa Sleep & TMJ is your guide to a better life.

The Epworth Sleepiness Scale

Find out if your fatigue is true daytime sleepiness caused by sleep apnea.

Our TMJ Assessment

Discover your risk for TMJ and other related symptoms, such as headaches and jaw pain.

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Patient Testimonials

“There has been a big difference for the good since I’ve come in for treatment.  I am now sleeping great, not getting headaches in the morning, able to chew most food without pain, not feeling drowsy during the day, my jaw no longer locks up, able to drastically reduce my depression drugs, and stopped taking anxiety drugs completely.  I feel like I am cured!”

Liz Y

“I have had huge success during this treatment.  I am now have more normal  range of motion, where I can open my mouth comfortably, my jaw no longer pops, I have reduced my pain by at least 90%, and now taking no medication for my pain and anxiety.  Before this treatment, my condition used to debilitate me where I wasn’t functional day to day like I should have been.  I now have the confidence to pursue a dream job, and succeeded in getting it!”  


“I initially saw Dr. Pick in 2010 for my TMJ issues.  It was extremely bad where I couldn’t do normal things like wear sunglasses, wear a hat, or even put my hair in a pony tail due to the pain and headaches.  It has now been 12 years, and my quality of life has improved tremendously since I saw him. I am still able to chew food, wear sunglasses and hats, and put my hair up with no issues.” 

Laura Cook
happy, healthy woman smiling thanks to TMJ pain relief in Des Moines

Your Solution to TMJ Disorder

Do you experience jaw clicking or popping, facial pain, or headaches? Do you live each day just trying to get by because of TMJ symptoms? We know how hopeless it can feel to have TMJ as your constant companion. That’s why at Iowa Sleep & TMJ, it’s our mission to stop TMJ disorder in its tracks and return your body to a state of health and wellness. We offer you long-term solutions to TMJ so you can go back to doing the things you love without pain and other debilitating symptoms. Work with Dr. Douglas Pick in Des Moines and return your body to harmony with TMJ treatment.

We treat TMJ disorder with a custom-made orthotic. First, we’ll find your jaw’s proper resting position. Then, we’ll create an orthotic that you’ll wear 24/7. After we’ve found that the jaw position eliminates your symptoms, we’ll reconstruct your mouth with dental procedures to hold your jaw in alignment.
Your orthotic is not your run-of-the-mill mouthguard. While it does protect your teeth from clenching and grinding, its primary purpose is to reposition your jaw. You’ll be free of TMJ’s symptoms with your jaw back in alignment. It’s a TMJ solution, not a quick fix.

Sleep Peacefully with Treatment

Do you wake up feeling unrested, fatigued, and with headaches? Do you feel unable to concentrate during the day and are irritable, but you don’t know why? You may have sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a sleep-breathing disorder where you experience pauses in breathing—sometimes hundreds—of times throughout the night. This disruption in your sleep cycle causes debilitating symptoms. At Iowa Sleep & TMJ, we can help you overcome roadblocks and find a true solution to your sleep apnea. With treatment, you’ll wake up feeling rested, happy, and ready to take on your day. Make an appointment with Dr. Douglas Pick and finally get the restful sleep you deserve.

We offer a non-invasive obstructive sleep apnea treatment called Oral Appliance Therapy. It’s a CPAP alternative that is comfortable, easy to use, and easy to bring with you wherever you sleep. Simply pop the oral appliance in your mouth and sleep easily without using a machine, mask, or tubes.
Your oral appliance is not like a mouthguard from the drug store. Its primary purpose is not to protect your teeth but rather to keep your airway from closing by moving your jaw forward. It’s custom-made to fit your mouth and treats mild to moderate sleep apnea just as efficiently as a CPAP machine. The only way to get an oral appliance that treats sleep apnea is from a sleep dentist.
happy middle aged couple leaning on kitchen thankful for a good nights sleep with treatment from Dr. Pick